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We can write a cv for you that can help you get an interview almost anywhere. Saying that you want to attend harvard because their graduates earn more money on average is a pretty poor strategy, even if you try to make the case that building up your wealth first will allow you to make larger changes in society. After reading their article, students can discuss the following questions first in their small groups, and then as a class what problem is being addressed in the article? Which species is affected? Where in the world? What human activity is threatening this, or these, species? Based on the article, what are reasons this solution might be effective? What are reasons it might be problematic? As a class, you can discuss which of these possible solutions seems the most promising? If you were running a wildlife conservation organization, in which possible solutions would you invest your money and resources? Why? If you have more time, students can select one endangered species or one threat (such as habitat loss) to investigate further, and then propose their own solution...

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